We have designed this simple Benefit Company Outline to help you and your stakeholders understand this proposed legislation and what it means.


In February 2017 B Lab Australia & New Zealand’s made a submission in response to the Australian Government’s Social Impact Investing Discussion Paper. You can view our submission here.


B Lab Australia & New Zealand wrote this Pro Bono article about 2019 B Corp trends and the need for the Benefit Company.

ABC Radio National did this interview with B Lab Co-Founder Bart Houlahan and Silver Chef's Allan English about the legislation.

Purpose and Primacy: What the BlackRock Letter Means for 2108 and Beyond by Frederick Alexander, author of 'Pursuing Profit with Purpose.

'How investors really feel about B Corps' by Frederick Alexander.

Pro Bono Australia published 'Push for benefit corporation law' in March 2016.


This video gives an overview of the need for the benefit company and what it means for purpose-driven companies

Other resources

Patagonia's Vincent Stanley and Yale teamed up to publish 'An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Certified B Corporations and Benefit Corporations' (PDF)